Statement of Purpose

Vision Statement

The Church exists to glorify God and worship Him. As individuals who make up a local community of believers we desire to passionately know God through a loving and intimate relationship with Him.

We purpose to live in harmony, grow in godliness, and serve Him by serving each other in cheerful humility. We believe this will result in a living and vibrant witness that honours God before the world.

According to Ephesians 4, as a corporate body of Christ, we have a clearly defined 3- fold function:

1) Worship,
Edification, and


The Church's Responsibility to God Worship is the sincere response of adoration, fear, and obedience that believers give to their God for who He is and for what He has done. The purpose of the church begins with a recognition that we do not belong to ourselves, but to the Lord who purchased us with His own blood. Worship is to be the lifestyle of each individual Christian and the first focus of the corporate gatherings of the church. Since the Lord is sovereign and endued with all authority, we should seek as a body in all things to serve and praise Him. This involves using our time, treasures, gifts and abilities to follow His revealed will found in the Bible.


The Church's Responsibility to Her Members The result of the Gospel and a central purpose of the church's existence is the life- transformation of each of its members. This requires that the leadership be conscious of their responsibility to provide under the guidance of the Holy Spirit a strong program of Bible teaching, preaching, discipleship training, and fellowship. It is also the work of each member of the local assembly to exercise his or her spiritual gifts and natural talents for the building up of the body and the bearing of one another's burdens.


The Church's Responsibility to The World We accept the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ as a priority of the church collectively, and also, of each believer individually. It is our desire to share as widely and effectively as possible the good news of God's love and forgiveness in Christ. Every believer is unique in personality, ability, vocation, and within that context, we are to be witnesses by conversation and activity to His presence and power in the world. Sharing the Gospel should be motivated by a genuine concern for lost souls.