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The Fourth Contrast

This post is an overflow from a sermon I recently preached from the book of II Timothy. It was, in fact, the final sermon from that book. In that message I drew three contrasts from the closing text. Briefly they are: the contrast between the Apostle Paul’s reaction to the unbelieving heart of Alexander the coppersmith mentioned in 4:14 and that of the imperfect actions of the believing brethren who had abandoned Paul when he was first arrested in Rome. In both cases we see that God’s grace is extended, but it finds application only by those who trust God through faith in Christ. This fact and contrast is reflected in the Apostle’s reaction to them. To one he says ‘The Lord reward him (Alexander) according to his works’, and to the other he says ‘I Pray God that it may not be laid to their charge.’ The contrast is between the believing and unbelieving, and how God’s grace is applied.


The Dawn Rose

The Bible lays open before me. The text has been chosen. My Strong’s Concordance is at hand. Atop my desk are my Hebrew and Greek Interlinear Bible and a host of commentaries and lexical tools. And my task looms before me, dauntingly and seemingly elusive. I must prepare a message. Again I read the text. What is it saying? What does it mean to me? What can I say Lord? What can I teach?


Magnifying God

I recently read an interesting statement that said, ‘If you look at God through your circumstances, He will seem small and very far away, but if by faith you look at your circumstances through God, He will draw very near and reveal His greatness to you.’

That set me to thinking about the truth of that statement.


Fresh Fish

A few years back a good friend of mine invited my family to join his in New Zealand for a holiday. Considering that he extended the very generous offer of a holiday house in a remote location near the beautiful Bay of Islands for zero cost, we found it difficult to refuse. We packed ourselves into a plane and flew to meet them in their home in Auckland.


The mark of a shepherd

Recently I attended a funeral at another church. It was a particularly sad and tragic event as the deceased was a very young man and his death the result of a horrific car accident. The minister's job that day was an extremely difficult one. He had known the young man all his life and was very close to both he and his family. As he greeted me at the door just prior to the service, the strain upon his face was clearly visible.


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