Ponds and Oceans


There was once a little fish that swam into a rather small pond. He found the other fish in the pond to be bright and shiny and the atmosphere in the pond was both refreshing as well as a rich source of nutrients. The little fish could not help but to grow and thrive there. Other fish came into the pond and were welcomed also.

Many years passed in harmony and happiness in the pond. The little fish learned a great many things there and was very grateful to the larger fish for their friendship and help.

Much later, a few of the fish began to stir up the mud that covered the bottom of the pond. It caused the water to become quite murky and unpleasant. The little fish began to be troubled over what these fish were doing in his happy home. He waited to see if some of the bigger fish would put a stop to the mud swirling. To his surprise, they not only did nothing to halt it, they did just the opposite. When some of the fish protested their behaviour, the big fish protected the mud swirlers and began to isolate the few little fish disturbed by their actions.

Before long the water grew so muddy, the fish in the pond could no longer see clearly and the water became quite toxic. Though it broke the little fish’s heart to leave the pond he had so dearly come to love and to leave behind the fish he had so looked up to, he knew he had no choice but to leave the poisonous waters.

It was not an easy jump to contemplate, but the little fish made a mighty leap from the pond into the deep blue ocean. As the crisp, clean water closed around him, the little fish immediately began to recover. He marveled at just how clearly he could once again see things and filled his gills with the clear pure ocean water.

At first it was lonely and a little frightening out there on his own. He was out at sea, isolated, and at times very vulnerable. But there was a strong and noble current that coursed through the waters that had long been absent in the old dirty pond. The fish entered the current, trusting its more than adequate ability to navigate him safely through the waters. He soon learned to be content there. Sadly, the fish that chose to remain in the pond continued to swim in the ever increasing toxic waters and grew feebler and blinder day by day.

I mean no irreverence or claim no access to divine inspiration when I simply borrow the phrase from scripture as an apt conclusion to this parable, ‘he who has ears to hear, let him hear’.