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Lew Newkirk is a much loved former Pastor of Casey Baptist Church who served there for 5 years. His ministry to us continues today through the devotionals featured here for your encouragement.

How Can We Sing?

Psalms is a compilation of Hebrew poetry that expresses all the emotional highs and lows of man’s relationship with his Creator, and in them God reveals much of Himself to man. Dr. H. A. Ironside wrote; “I suppose there is no portion of Holy Scripture that has meant more to the people of God, particularly to tried and afflicted believers down through both the Jewish and Christian centuries, than the book of Psalms.” Of all its authors David is the one we are most familiar with followed by Solomon, Asaph, and even Moses (Psalm 90 & 91).


The Reality of the Resurrection

Resurrection Sunday has come and gone for another year, and most would agree with me that it is a joyful and uplifting time for Christians everywhere in the world. So, this devotional comes out of this thought; should we preach the cross without preaching the resurrection? The apostles didn’t. They were eye-witnesses to both and preached both every chance they had.


Some Things Don’t Change

Usually when I sit down with my Bible I know where I am going, but the other morning when I opened it randomly it fell open to Jeremiah 2. When Jeremiah’s name comes up we usually hear him described as “Jeremiah the Weeping Prophet.” But I think if ever a phrase describes him it is what Jesus said; “A prophet is not without honor except in his own country.” I have read that he was 24yrs old when the word of God came to him saying, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.” He concludes by telling Jeremiah He will deliver him when the people turn against him. What a way to start your ministry! I decided to stay there and read.


Psalm 100

This beautiful song of praise has been used for centuries in synagogues and churches to express thankfulness to God for His faithfulness to His people. As you read it you can picture the people coming to worship, and as they come you can see uplifting spirit that we would all wish to see in our present-day churches. There are times when a church is in distress over a situation that calls for prayerful somberness instead of joyful exuberance, but there are elements in these 5 verses that could change many worship services.


Learning from James

Every so often Joyce and I change our morning devotions. The past month we have been reading the book of James. We read it through every day for a week and now we are concentrating on chapter 1. I am amazed at the practical advice in just these few verses.


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