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Ponds and Oceans

Jesus was the master of parables. He often employed them as a highly effective means of making His point in terms that were unmistakeable. They employed characters or imagery that was fictional, though they illustrated a very real point. To that end, I have been considering a small parable of my own.


Dead VS. Alive

We have recently been studying through the seven churches of Revelation in our Wednesday night meetings. It has been of great benefit to us, I believe, as we consider the words of the Lord to these seven literal churches, but see much that is very relevant to any church, including our own. Perhaps as you read this, you are wanting to know more about our church at Casey: what do we believe, how do we worship, etc. I include the following excerpt from my notes regarding the church at Sardis from the book of Revelation. This was the church that 'has a name that thou livest, and art dead.' It was a dead church, but was deceivingly 'alive' with noise and programs and show.


He must increase, but I must decrease.

It's funny that of all my study in the past several years and the great blessing that it always is to come before the Word of God and to be instructed and illuminated by its truth; one of the most profound lesson I have received comes from this simple phrase that we find in the gospel of John. It is unexpected too that it comes from the study from our Wednesday night devotionals. It has always been my philosophy that our meetings on Wednesdays are primarily for prayer. To this end, the devotional is always kept light. By far, the major part of my time in message preparation is invested toward the Sunday Morning service. Yet, from our light Wednesday devotional, I encountered the simplicity and profound depth of the words of John 3:30. He must increase, but I must decrease. As I have contemplated the truth of this profound statement this year, I am only beginning to see the depth of the application of it.


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